Left to right: Karim, woodcarver Yaser and Ann.

Moroccan migrant women helping out with embroidery.

Show singer with wooden shoes.

Left to right: Karim, woodcarver Yaser and Ann.


Sept – Nov 2017


Moroccan fashion designer Karim Adduchi wanted to use his collection ‘She has 99 names’ to provide a platform to migrant-artists.. He involved Makers Unite, which connected him with Syrian and Jamaican artisans and artists. PnP was involved as project coordinator. Apart from writing a project proposal, and obtaining additional funding, we engaged Veranders and Samen Sterk Vrouwen West.


Eventually, over ten newcomers and migrant women were involved in various capacities. Tailor Najib Nasif drew patterns and put the dresses together. Syrian artist Noor Yousfi designed one of the dresses. Aleppo artisan Yaser Najar carved out of wood the pedestal shoes Karim designed. Four Moroccan women, coached by Darifa Ben Hadhoum and Nora Aamour,  embroidered one of the dresses. And Eritran Simret  assisted with the embroidery, guided by Russian designer Julia Ivanova.


The collection was shown on 8 November at The Duif in Amsterdam, and gained critical acclaim by international press.

Karim Adduchi